Monday, August 22, 2011

Industrial Indexing Systems Announces New Emerald Technology

At IIS, we’re proud to announce the 2011 launch of our latest servo system product, the Emerald Automation Controller. Capable of regulating up to 32 servo axes, this high-performance, multi-axis motion controller possesses an open architecture and is ideal for demanding applications that require close synchronization. Our Emerald Automation Controller coordinates the motion of multiple motors to a designated “master” source device. As a result, this automated motion control system can manipulate and synchronize the actions of multiple high-speed, multi-axis machines that are used to manufacture a wide range of complex metal, plastic, paper, and film products.

The Emerald Automation Controller is powerful enough to execute all of the control functions required in a production environment, thus eliminating the need for additional control devices, such as a PLC. Our Emerald controllers can coordinate the feed roll on a rotary package sealing conveyor belt (used to package a wide range of products), while manipulating a servo actuated knife to cut and seal the product wrapping in between images. Next time you purchase an item enclosed in an attractive printed wrap – for instance, a candy bar – you’ll be holding proof that our system allows companies to quickly and cost-effectively provide aesthetically appealing packaging, a necessity in a competitive retail environment.

In addition, our Emerald Controller System can manipulate instruments used for marking, cutting, perforating, or sewing a variety of materials, and provides all the necessary functionality to synchronize CAM tables for the production of complex patterns created on the x-y plane of a Cartesian assembly. Ideal for web control, synchronized cut-off, form-fill-seal, cut and seal, punching, and forming applications, our Emerald Controller System helps fulfill our company’s main objective to bring state-of-the-art servo system products into practical use on a factory floor.

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