Monday, September 12, 2011

How IIS Servo Technology Helps You Get a Good Night’s Rest

Our servo-driven technology helps many bedding manufacturers provide consumers with a good night’s sleep. For instance, ABM International, Inc., a leading manufacturer of quilting machinery that produces comforters and pillow shams, has been an IIS customer since 1998. ABM International is a top distributor of the first fully automatic vertical quilting machine, aptly named the Robo-Quilter. The Robo-Quilter employs IIS servo controllers for more efficient production of quilted bedding products.

This state-of-the-art equipment uses only 1/6 of the floor space of a traditional panel quilter. In fact, four Robo-Quilters can fit into the same area currently occupied by a single, conventional quilting machine. Beyond saving floor space, the Robo-Quilter reduces labor costs by 75% and increases productivity by 25%. Servo controlled auto index conveyors provide hands-free positioning of comforters into a sewing area, while servo driven automatic racking eliminates operator interference and fatigue. Only one operator is needed to run up to three automatic quilting machines. Our IIS servos make quilting so efficient and easy, major bedding distributors— such as Serta and Sealy—use our technology to manipulate the needles that produce elaborate quilting patterns found on their deluxe mattress covers.

So, when you snuggle into bed tonight, you are most likely lying on products that have been manufactured using advanced IIS servo technology. Our automation equipment helps bedding manufacturers ensure a comfortable night’s rest for thousands of individuals. Sweet dreams!

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