Monday, October 17, 2011

Hilscher's NetX 50 Chip Supports Toshiba Machine’s X-Series’ Automation Bus

As part of a joint development project between IIS and Toshiba Machine Ltd. of Japan, we are now using Hilscher's netX 50 chips to support the sercos automation bus in Toshiba Machine's X-Series Servo drives. For more than 20 years, Hilscher has been providing leading edge products for industrial communication connectivity, such as interface modules, converters, and gateways. Hilscher’s netX family of network-neutral chips provides customers with complete protocol flexibility.

"It made sense for us to do this development because of our sercos background," explains IIS Design Engineer, James Carter. "Both companies recognized that Ethernet was becoming more and more popular and that we had to have it available on the X-Series Servo drive. Sercos is a popular deterministic Ethernet protocol in the motion industry, so it was an obvious protocol choice."

IIS, who has undertaken the hardware design in North America, chose the Hilscher netX 50 chip for the fact that it incorporates both a processor and dual port interface on one card, making it easy to implement the new hardware. Moreover, this chip can easily plug into the options slot of an X-Series Servo drive. Adds Carter, "The fact that a fast processor is included on the chip means we can carry out Sercos dependent motion calculations on the card itself, rather than delegating them to the processor in the drive, effectively balancing the processing load."

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