Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 Looks to Be A Success For Motion Control

Great news from the Motion Control Association today: (http://www.onlinetmd.com/medical-device-design-manufacturing-motion-control-120511.aspx) 3rd quarter results indicate that 2011 will show an overall increase in motion control product orders. With 19% growth through the 3rd quarter, the industry looks to end the year on a healthy note, barring an unprecedented downtown in the 4th quarter. Fortunately for anyone who follows the MCA’s reports, and those of us who can’t stand surprises, they’re in the habit of projecting outcomes for the next two quarters as well. As you might imagine, these are well-researched forecasts, and this one in particular indicates, at worst, a flat 4th quarter. With those kinds of results guaranteeing a more prosperous 2011 than 2010, the adage of recent years does indeed prove true, that “flat is the new growth.”

Of course, in the face of all this good news, we’d want better than a flat 4th quarter, wouldn’t we? Absolutely. The flip side of all this good news – and it most certainly remains good news – is that while the 3rd quarter did show growth, at 4.2%, the first quarter showed a 29% increase over 2010. Obviously, that represents a downward trend, even as the year is recorded as a success. We’re confident in a bounce-back as 2012 begins, based on overall growth in manufacturing, and our experience in market fluctuations and cycles. Stay tuned to our blog for more information!

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