Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Other FIRST Competitions

FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) participants. 
We at IIS are primarily involved with the FIRST Robotics Challenge – the competition involving high school students and their mentors (including us!). Besides being a great outlet for mechanically-minded students to expand their skills, the FRC also shows students that careers in manufacturing and automation can be viable, interesting, and fun. What’s more, FIRST gets students involved even before high school with their LEGO Leagues, and also runs a Tech Challenge, putting a different spin on the competition.

FIRST’s LEGO Leagues (FFL)– a Junior league for grades K through 3rd, and the standard LEGO league for students aged 9 through 14 – let students get involved in envisioning, designing, and building robots, with more age- and skills-appropriate guidelines and challenges. Inevitably, these programs groom and prepare students for the more intensive Robotics Challenges as they get older, building a strong base from which to work. The TechChallenges are also aimed at high school students, but with a more head-to-head, individualized aspect to the competitions. FIRST truly offers something for everyone with their range of choices, and we’re proud to be involved with them!

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