Friday, August 3, 2012

IIS’s Emerald Technology

As part of IIS’s continued commitment to offering the most diverse selection of servo technology, we’re proud to introduce our Emerald ESD-series drives and ESM-series motors. A broad range of features, functions, and configurations make the Emerald series a cost-effective solution to many automation applications. We believe that highly versatile drives and equipment like the Emerald series enable automation to be used in a greater selection of applications, increasing efficiency and throughput, a benefit to the entire industry.

Just what is it about the Emerald series that enables this versatility? Let’s start with some big-picture features. As a SERCOS II-certified drive, the ESD series can easily and fully integrate with any SERCOS II controller as part of a network of up to 32 servo drives. For single-axis controller applications the ESD drive is configured as a standalone position controller and drive combo. We offer a number of size, speed, and power options, and each drive features a full array of inputs and interfaces for the greatest ease of setup, networking, and diagnostics.

Beyond our drive systems, the Emerald series also features powerful yet easy-to-use software, covering everything from pre-sale drive sizing and selection, to full project management and application development. You can also easily fine-tune and adjust loop parameters and response. For more information, please visit our website today.

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