Monday, October 1, 2012

The Smart Choice: The Intelligent Servo Drive from IIS

Representing a true partnership between IIS and our OEM clients, the Intelligent Servo Drive (ISD) concept represents levels of customization, engineering expertise, and production efficiency unavailable through traditional motion control product channels. You may notice that we call the ISD a concept, rather than a product. This is no accident. By developing a series of interchangeable components – think of building blocks – and working with our clients to build around exactly the functionality you need, in exactly the package you need, IIS has created a unique offering not only from an engineering standpoint, but also from a business standpoint.

This dual benefit comes as a result of the partnership entered when the ISD option is chosen. IIS offers our engineering expertise, while the customer is able to arrange for the most efficient and cost-effective production at their own facility or with a manufacturing partner. For large volume OEMs, this option makes the most sense when developing new control systems for new or existing products and equipment. One recent project involved fitting four amplifiers onto one board in order to fit an OEM’s custom enclosure. The Intelligent Servo Drive makes engineering and manufacturing controls like this routine.

In keeping with the ISD offering’s goal of drop-in functionality, both hardware and software configurations are optimized throughout development. By making the user’s current software configuration part of the design process, a bare minimum of reprogramming and setup are required for the new equipment. With space at a greater and greater premium, whether on shop floors or within machinery, the space and cost savings available through the ISD will only continue to become the most viable solution. Be sure to check our next blog for some additional benefits of the system. 

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