Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SPS Show Unveils First Sercos III and EtherNet/IP Blended Infrastructure

Continuing the Sercos trend from simply a set of specifications for motion control, to a full-system, integrated interface for all aspects of I/O and communication,  a major advance debuted at the SPS show held over the last week of November in Nuremberg, Germany. Harnessing the full ability of Sercos III to operate to the EtherNet standard (IEEE 802.3 and ISO/IEC 8802-3), this new blended infrastructure goes one step further, utilizing that specification to enable single-cable TCP/IP and Sercos III communication between controls, devices, and drives. Previously, intra-standard device communication was possible, but required additional wiring and setup.

The advent of this blended infrastructure means a continued increase in the freedom and flexibility afforded to manufacturers to integrate motion control and automation with their operations. As a very simplified explanation of how this infrastructure innovation is possible, think back to how we mentioned that Sercos III was designed according to the EtherNet standard – basically, to mimic it. In the integrated system, the TCP/IP (EtherNet) transmissions are essentially meeting Sercos III halfway, modifying their differences to match up with the cyclical nature of Sercos.

Sercos III, and the entire Sercos interface, are far too versatile and wide-ranging to explain full and simply in one blog, but are definitely worth learning more about. Continue to follow us as we explore the ways in which Sercos and automation are continuing to drive the manufacturing resurgence.

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