Monday, January 21, 2013

ARC 2013 Preview

Automation is grounded in the routine – in fact, it’s kind of the basis for the entire concept – but is flush with the potential for innovation. The possibilities of automation are constantly developing and evolving, with its benefits becoming more apparent with each advance. Sometimes it’s not even an advance, but just a sea change in the industry. For instance, for a long time, automation was seen as a great way to make repeating processes quicker and more accurate. At that time, energy conservation wasn’t something that many facilities thought about. Now, though, the energy saving potential of automation is seen as a key factor. Nothing changed about automation, views just shifted.

The ARC Advisory Group is a major supporter of innovation in automation and manufacturing, and the ARC World Industry Forum 2013 is the annual showcase for the best of these breakthroughs. More than that, it’s the best place to generate ideas and possibilities for what’s next. With energy savings such a hot topic, that will certainly be discussed at length. Other automation advances like Ethernet integration, unique equipment replacements and upgrades (like those provided by IIS), and even process control via cloud computing, will all be explored. Have you been to ARC before? Are you going this year? Let us know your best remembrances – or what you’re looking forward to!

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