Friday, May 17, 2013

New Look, Same Automation Expertise

Keeping up with the continued evolution of our servo drives, motion control systems, and automation solutions, Industrial Indexing Systems (IIS) recently unveiled a new look and new functionality for our online home. It’s now easier than ever to not only read about our drives and motors, but also to see them on full display. Describing the versatile yet intuitive features of our products can sometimes be easier shown than told, and our new site covers both of these areas in great depth. It’s also easier than ever to access our full library of case studies and custom design capabilities, letting you know just how much we can really do.

The upgrade is more than just cosmetic, however. Along with enthusiasm for our new site, we’re also excited to roll out new products like the Luminary Servo Motion Series. Our increasingly in-demand retrofit services are also front-and-center (just about), illustrating the growing popularity of modifications and upgrades as repairs to older machinery become less and less tenable. Of course, the expertise behind all of our products, designs, and services is still fully intact, and our greatest service is the ability to help OEMs and other manufacturers acquire or design just the right automation system for them. Welcome new our new home, and thanks for stopping by.

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