Thursday, April 3, 2014

SERCOS is Becoming More International

SERCOS International is hitting the international circuit! As part of the SERCOS (Serial Real-Time Communications System) association, we are excited to see how the protocol will be introduced and used in various places around the world.

The SERCOS system is a third-generation, non-proprietary sercos interface automation bus system, which we utilize in our automation controllers and control systems. Recently, SERCOS International announced that they will be presenting the SERCOS system at numerous shows and conferences worldwide.

Beginning in March and lasting through the fall, SERCOS will be participating in events everywhere from Germany and Italy to Japan and China. The goal, according to a press release published by SERCOS, is to “show the latest developments and innovations in automation.” In addition to these events, SERCOS will also be offering a variety of educational seminars and conferences in order to showcase the SERCOS technology and how it can best be used by machine builders and integrators.

As users of the SERCOS system, we know firsthand the great benefits of this technology. The SERCOS system allows our automation systems to run very high cycle updates, as well as interfacing with numerous devices. We offer two SERCOS interfaces—SERCOS II and SERCOS III automation networks, each of which provides an increase in response and processing power.

Take it from us—SERCOS is worth checking out. And now, they are providing companies worldwide the chance to learn more about their technology, so tune in this year!

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