Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Participation in SERCOS III PlugFest

As members of the SERCOS N.A. family, we continue implement SERCOS-based systems and express to our customers how this technology betters our automation systems. We are thrilled, then, to have been invited to the 13th SERCOS III PlugFest, occurring May 7th-8th at ISW, University of Stuttgart.

All manufacturers of SERCOS III devices have been invited to PlugFest in order to perform interoperability tests with SERCOS’ testing laboratory, which will examine the connections between the masters and slaves of the devices in different configurations. This will allow SERCOS to determine how to best implement the SERCOS III system, based on the compliance with different products. Furthermore, the testing with SERCOS III manufacturers will provide the opportunity for improvements for this specification.

Specifically, PlugFest aims to “perform interoperability tests between each of the present masters and each slave, as well as between each of the present masters and multiple slaves in different configurations…test and verify features, such as ring break detection, ring recovery and hot-plugging…test and verify SDDML descriptions of slave devices with present masters and configuration tools…test and verify UCC connectivity and S/IP protocol support…and solve open issues with regard to Slave Conformance Testing,” according to the SERCOS III PlugFest website.

We are excited to have been chosen to attend PlugFest and offer our expertise with SERCOS III based systems. As partners with SERCOS, it’s important for us to keep in touch and maintain our relationship with them, as well as maintain the quality of our products.

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