Monday, July 7, 2014

Innovation is a Key to Improvement: A SERCOS PlugFest Recap

Innovation and technology are two ways to make your business better and stronger. Here at IIS, we not only look for ways to innovate and integrate the newest and latest into our products and services, but we also look to surround ourselves with the best and brightest. What is one way in which we do this? By being a part of SERCOS North America and utilizing the SERCOS automation bus in our servo products.

Recently, we were invited to attend SERCOS PlugFest, which took place in May and was an event catering to manufacturers of SERCOS devices. Specifically, twenty-five technology and automation companies attended the event and helped SERCOS International extensively test the interoperability between SERCOS devices. According to SERCOS, over thirty products were tested, including drives, CNC’s, PLC’s, and motion controllers, as well as pneumatic ancillary components.

As a result, SERCOS said in their press release that “a total of 100 master-slave combinations were also successfully tested. In addition, extensive network configurations were tested with drives and various slaves of different vendors.”

As a manufacturer of SERCOS products, we were honored to be invited to participate in the 13TH PlugFest, as well as help improve the SERCOS automation bus and ensure it is as efficient as possible. Innovation is an important asset to our company and any way we can help foster it, we do. Can’t wait for the 14th PlugFest!

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