Monday, June 25, 2012

Expanding Automation’s Footprint: The Pharma and Chemical Industries

As the possibilities of automation expand far beyond the traditional areas of packaging and material handling, thanks to lighter, faster, and more affordable machinery, we are seeing a recognition of its importance in industries that one might not have expected five or ten years ago. The recent ACHEMA 2012 show in Frankfurt, Germany illustrated this, pointing out the critical nature of keeping production and manufacturing in those areas in line with, or even ahead of, market expectations. As experts in automation systems, we’re well aware of the capabilities they afford, but it’s refreshing to see new areas awaken to the opportunities.

Servo-based systems provide the ideal solution to the automation issues discussed in the linked article above. With unparalleled speed, accuracy, and responsive feedback-based operation, the new generation of smaller yet powerful servo drives opens the market to chemical manufacturers in need of versatility, customization, and a wide range of system features. The trend of intuitive, user-friendly software packages, as well as SERCOS specifications and standards, make it even easier for new companies and industries to introduce automation to their production lines. IIS is here to help start that process – reach out today!

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