Monday, August 29, 2011

How Servo Systems Improve Your Golf Game

This blog is intended as the first edition of a two part series that describes how modern IIS servo technology helps golfers achieve that ace in the hole! This blog will be covering the CNC Seam Prep Machine. Stay tuned next week for further information about a secondary IIS automated ball finishing system that helps golf ball manufacturers streamline their process.

Scores of eager golfers will be hitting the links this upcoming Labor Day weekend, and IIS servo technology will be keeping many of their games on par. Golf balls are produced through various molding operations. After the molding process is complete, golf balls possess several imperfections, including a thin parting line and approximately 20 tiny, tubular protrusions projecting up to .04 of an inch from all directions along the ball’s equator. In order to eradicate these flaws, buffing machines are employed to endow golf balls with the smooth finish necessary for proper performance, and our automated systems help make this process more efficient.

Gil Barfield is the former President of Big Bend Machine & Tool Company, which once built golf-ball molds for almost every well-known major ball manufacturer. Seeing a need for a more efficient ball finishing process in the marketplace, Barfield designed two separate IIS servo motor-driven ball finishers which manufactured golf balls faster than ever.

With the CNC Seam Prep Machine, balls are placed in a three-row, multi-level track. This track feeds the balls into orientation cups where a 100-W servo motor, run by a DeltaPro Single Axis Positioning Controller (manufactured by IIS), manages a pick-and-place machine that shuttles the balls into a finishing mechanism. This finishing mechanism uses specialized lathes and sanders – which are also servo motor driven – to eliminate the imperfections resulting from the initial molding process.

Current pure-mechanical finishing machines produce up to 40 balls per minute. Barfield’s automated machines, relying extensively on modern servo controls, is said to produce 60 balls per minute –almost 33 percent more than traditional ball finishing machinery. So, when you take your next golf swing this upcoming holiday weekend, remember that IIS technology helped produce that smooth ball finish that gave you an ace in the hole. Fore!

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