Monday, October 10, 2011

IIS Presents Our Exclusive Line of Toshiba Machine's X-Series Servomotors and Drivers

Since IIS acquired the Toshiba/Toei servo business from the Toshiba International Corporation back in 1995, we have been the exclusive sales and service provider for Toshiba servo products in North America. This partnership continues with our newest line of Toshiba servo products: the Toshiba Machine X-Series Servos.

The X-Series is composed of a broad range of servo products offered as either a single-axis servo drive, a stand-alone single-axis motion controller, or as part of a multi-axis automation solution. In addition, all products within this series are available in the USA with local stock, support, and service.

Our Toshiba brand servo drives are UL and CE certified, can be manufactured in twelve different sizes, and possess a wide variety of advanced features, including, but not limited to:

  • Six modes of operation
  • Resolver, serial encoder, ABZ encoder or absolute (with power-off) feedback
  • On-board keypad and display or PC tools for set-up and monitoring
  • TFC observer servo software
  • Separate control and servo bus power inputs

Our Toshiba servo motors can be manufactured as low- to medium-inertia models, and are available in 30W to 55Kw sizes with 1500 to 3000 RPM rated speeds. They also possess high-energy density magnets, offering customers powerful performance despite their small frame size.

The ability to provide high-quality products from top-rated manufacturers has helped establish IIS as a leading supplier of automation technology. For more information about our line of Toshiba products, contact IIS today.

Tune in next week to learn how Hilscher's netX 50 chip is supporting the sercos automation bus in Toshiba Machine's X-Series Servo drives.

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