Monday, July 23, 2012

Beyond Material Handling: Toshiba’s New THL Series

In today’s automation and robotics landscape, flexibility, versatility, and affordability are the names of the game. Manufacturers like Toshiba, with their new SCARA THL model robots, are innovating with materials, construction, design, and size, to expand the base of industries that automation helps to operate better, faster, and more efficiently. The recent Automatica show in Munich was a perfect opportunity to show just how much speed and accuracy these machines can generate, from a small package.

With the goal of achieving lower mass, weight, and inertia, Toshiba Machine engineers used lightweight aluminum as a base for the robots’ mechanical components. In order to maintain sufficient rigidity and stability to allow for the necessary accuracy, these components are constructed with a series of ribbed sections. This space-saving step leads to an overall smaller servo motor unit. With 50% lower energy usage than other Toshiba Machine models and an extensive range of capabilities, these robots truly open up the possibilities of automation where it may not have been even thought of before.

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