Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our Connection to ODVA

It’s that time of year again—the ODVA (Open Device Vendor Association) annual industry conference, which took place from March 11th – March 13th. As members of the association, it’s always interesting and informative for us to see what events and seminars are taking place.

Sessions that were planned for the conference include EtherNet/IP Implementation Workshops, which look to promote the use of EtherNet/IP technology into development and products, a Special Interest Group meeting, where recommendations and guidelines for the ODVA specifications are discussed, and a Development in Conformance Testing seminar, detailing changes to the conformance tests. Additionally, there were various Technical Track Presentations: Track A focuses on the Safety, Security, and Energy for Field Applications, Track B focuses on Diagnostics and Availability, Track C focuses on Concepts for Future Innovations, and Track D focuses on Briefing Sessions. Each track involves a series of paper presentations concerning the ODVA technologies. 

Here at IIS, we utilize DeviceNet-, an open network standard introduced by the ODVA, as a connection in our industrial devices and products, including our automation controllers, I/O blocks, and Toshiba Machine robot applications. It has proved to be a great addition to our business and we look forward to future ODVA opportunities.

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